Briana Vecchione

I’m a first year IS PhD student at Cornell interested in issues of bias, fairness, and transparency in AI. At the moment, I’m interested in discussions at the intersection of machine learning, causality, and technology policy. During my first year, I plan to explore how these subjects apply to issues of inequality and discrimination through my affiliations with AIPP, the Center for the Study of Inequality, MD4SG, and Queer in AI. If we have similar interests, get in touch: bv225 [at] cornell [dot] edu

Most recently, I was a Microsoft Fellow focused on building transparent MVPs for NYC government (among other things). My collaborators at Data & Society & BetaNYC are still carrying forward that work. In the past, I’ve been a feature, keynote, or speaker in spaces like Bloomberg, Microsoft, Facebook, Sony, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Acknowledgements: My career was sparked by the amazing folks at the Microsoft Research Data Science Summer School and supported by opportunities through the National Science Foundation, ACM Tapia, and Anita Borg Institute.